Dave Dullum

President, Gladstone Investment Corporation

Gladstone engaged Grease to advise a number of our portfolio companies on how to enhance value creation and best practices of sales strategy and execution.  Grease has advised several of our companies, most recently Alloy Die Casting (custom aluminum and zinc precision machine die-castings), Mitchell Rubber (highly engineered rubber compounding and molding of end use rubber products), and DPMS (high precision machine components for various industries including medical devices and aerospace).  The Grease Value Proposition is that value creation is a function of the seamless meshing of four “gears:” strategy, business execution planning, internal effectiveness, and sales execution.  Grease conducts a “Friction Audit” to identify and remedy where the value creation system is breaking down.

With Alloy Die Casting, the challenge was to develop a High Level Sales Plan, and recommend improvements to the company’s internal effectiveness so as to remove impediments to sales execution.  At Mitchell Rubber, Grease provided templates for Comprehensive Strategy, Business Planning Execution, Internal Effectiveness and Sales Execution focused on doubling the company’s revenues.  At DPMS, Grease encountered a company with both internal process shortcomings and the absence of a cohesive go-to-market customer strategy.   Grease made recommendations as to how to best remove these points of friction and create value.

My experience working with Grease is that its principals are high-energy, engaging, skilled, persistent, and non-confrontational.  The Grease team represents a broad swath of capabilities from strategy to sales, all grounded on an uncompromising bias for action to improve execution, increase speed, enhance competitive advantage and create value.