Terry L. Brubaker

Vice Chairman & COO, Gladstone Investment Corporation

The organization is always the constraint.

One of our biggest challenges is how we can best “add value” to companies in our portfolio. Acknowledging our strengths are financial, not operational, and being at a distance, we have limited insight into why companies falter or fail. But we have learned over the years to spot situations where success is elusive and management’s grasp of problems is difficult to follow. Our catch phrase is “It should not be this hard”. When it is this hard, we know the organization is constraining success – but we do not know why nor where. And we also know that more detailed financial analyses rarely identify or solve the problem.

Grease Consulting understands how to find what is not working – what is constraining success. The Grease Gearbox recognizes that all the analyses and initiatives we might launch will not overcome the “gear” that limits (or constrains) performance. By spotting this quickly, Grease focuses its remedial efforts on the weak links, reducing the gear friction. The result is speed, higher revenues, lower costs, and lasting improvement.