Terry L. Lock

Senior Vice President (Retired), Boise Cascade Corporation


In the 20+ years that I worked with Graham Covington, he consistently delivered meaningful results that created positive momentum for the organization.  Graham established this track record by:

  • Using well-designed questions to clarify issues and bring the topic at hand into sharp focus.
  • Consistently exhibiting the intellectual capacity to assimilate, sort, and prioritize data.
  • Demanding clarity in communication thereby removing uncertainty / confusion in plan execution.
  • Exhibiting a willingness to take personal risk in pursuit of the right answer especially when change was required.
  • Appropriate use of humor to defuse difficult situations.
  • Investing high energy in support of action-oriented initiatives, always with unquestioned integrity.
  • Selecting, training, and motivating individuals equipped to execute the plan required to meet goals.

Graham’s team always exhibited clear recognition of its goals, ownership of the implementation plan, an ability to successfully implement plans consistent with the organization’s values, and an ability to have fun in the process.  His approach to problem resolution / performance enhancement can be applied in essentially every type of organizational environment.