Grease Consulting LLC was founded in 2005 in response to 30 years of observing private and public organizations, in both corporate and nonprofit settings, struggle to reduce friction, improve organization effectiveness, drive sales execution, and create value.

Grease Consulting observes that all companies seek a competitive edge. Such an edge leads to incremental sales and value creation because it compels customers to acknowledge that doing business with Grease clients enables them to make more money than doing business with their competitors. Grease Consulting was formed to help our clients make this case again and again as part of their value proposition. Grease Consulting recognizes that company priorities differ because of different business models. The point of the spear is sustainable value creation, which derives from incremental profitable sales, which fall to the bottom line, as manifested by increasing net income, EBITDA, and shareholder equity.

Grease Consulting LLC consists of three managing principals: Graham Covington, Harry Turvey, and Robert Sommer. Since our backgrounds vary significantly, we bring a broad set of experiences, capabilities and instincts to client problems. We provide a continuum of Organization Effectiveness business advice from Business Strategy to Business Execution Planning to Organization Effectiveness to Sales Execution. Our focus with each of our clients is value creation. We are supported by a cadre of several contract associates who provide specific expertise.