Business Strategy

gear-business-strategyA sound strategy is hard to create, but invaluable when you want to increase profitable sales. Great strategy aligns your company on the critical tasks and capabilities that sales success demands. Grease believes in the power of strategy when companies get serious about making the changes and executing the initiatives the strategy requires. Getting serious starts with clarity, so Grease begins with a definition:

Strategy – a succinct and lucid statement of the idea a company pursues to attain its vision by creating and sustaining a competitive advantage.

Strategy raises several core questions:

  1. What is your vision?
  2. What is your strategic intent?
  3. What is your target market?
  4. How will you compete?
  5. What strategic capabilities will you require?
  6. Why will you win?

Grease Consulting works with you and your company to review your current strategy or help you craft a new one. You know your business; Grease knows strategy. Our goal is a sound strategy you and your colleagues believe in. We expect you to judge the success of that strategy by its ability to increase profitable sales, so we test to measure this performance early in the strategy’s rollout.

For clients that have a strategy, we start here.