Organization Effectiveness

gear-organizational-effectivenessWith all our clients, we emphasize organization effectiveness, without which any sales process grinds to a halt. Organization Effectiveness is a function of what some call “Organizational Health” (See Beyond Performance). Healthy organizations are cohesive, friction-less, moving at a high rate of speed toward a commonly held objective. In this case, the objective is continuously improving revenue and profitability over the long term. Our experience is that successful sales execution requires a high level of organization effectiveness, which Grease conflates into the seven essential practices below:

  1. Communications Clarity: Be clear. Tell stories.
  2. Constructive Conflict: Resolve issue-oriented conflict fast and one-on-one.
  3. Collaborative Candor (especially in meetings): Be candid. “Speak for,” not about.
  4. Metric-Driven Management System, combined with
  5. Role, Responsibility, and Accountability Clarity, buttressed by
  6. Talent Acquisition and Coordination, and reinforced by
  7. Individual Performance & Development  (leadership and skills development).

Grease conducts a two-day Organization Effectiveness Seminar with all clients who want to increase sales. Each of the seven markers is a seminar in itself. Click on the marker to see what each is all about: