Sales Execution

gear-sales-executionSales execution is the point of the value creation spear. It is the gear closest to Value Creation. Sales = revenues. Revenues are a proxy for value creation. Incremental revenues create incremental value. The Value Creation gear turns.

Incremental revenues are hard to achieve. Why? Because revenues only increase when existing or new customers switch business to you. When they do, incremental value is created. But why should they? Existing customers do more business with you when they are persuaded that they are better off. This is often known as “digging the same hole deeper” or increasing customer “share of wallet.” Likewise, new customers switch only when they are persuaded that that they are better off doing business with you than the incumbent. What does this mean? It means that existing and new customers are only impelled to switch because they believe that they will make more money doing business with you than their next alternative. For Grease clients, this means that the Sales Execution gear turns. The more incremental revenues Grease clients realize, the faster the sales execution gear turns, and the more value is created.

Here’s how it works: the Grease Sales Execution gear turns because of the Grease three-pronged Sales Execution process. All three prongs are essential:

  1. Sales Pipeline Management;
  2. Differential Value Propositions (DVP), employing Valkre’s Render software;
  3. Proposal Selling through Storytelling® (PSTS®).

In the Grease Sales Pipeline there are seven stages of the sales process from customer research to close. Each requires specific organizational capabilities and sales skills. The Grease Sales Execution Workshop comprises three seminars. Of particular scope and breadth are the seminars on Differential Value Propositions (DVP) and Proposal Selling Through Storytelling® (PSTS®).” Why are these two important? Because the problem for all companies is that the incremental sale is very difficult to achieve.

Companies big and small trot out sales budgets and forecasts each year based on
optimistic hopes and instincts, and then miss them for a variety of credible reasons. It
all comes down to the following question and answer train:

  • Why don’t incremental customers buy from you? Answer: they don’t want to.
  • Why not? Because they aren’t persuaded that they should switch from the status quo or their current supplier relationships to you.
  • Why not? Because your value proposition and proposal don’t have a sufficient cutting edge to impel them to move.
  • Why not? Tons of reasons: you have lousy customer access, your sales team doesn’t have the skills or tools. They don’t like your tie.

But the most glaring reason in Grease’s view is your company’s inability to develop differential value propositions and animate them with stories.