Differential Value Propositions (DVP), employing Valkre’s Render software

Differential Value Propositions (DVP)

Value propositions are the “heavy lifting” in the sales execution process. Grease deploys Valkre’s Render software to quantify client value propositions with a well-defined framework. First off, clients must articulate their value propositions for a given customer, channel, or segment. The client then collaborates with its customer(s) on the specific customer outcomes that the client delivers through its value proposition differentiators. Is the value proposition correct and compelling from the customer’s point of view? The seminal question being answered during this critical sales execution step is: will the customer make more money doing business with you than with your competitor? Don’t give up until you’ve figured this out. It is quantifiable. When a company’s value proposition differentiators have been validated with customer data, they become Differential Value Propositions. But value propositions by themselves are inert. So, how to make them actionable, such that the customer is motivated to switch business to you? Answer: animate them with a story.

Valkre’s Render Software

Grease has engaged in a collaborative relationship with Valkre, Inc. Valkre has developed a robust SaaS(Software as a Solution) product called Render® that uncovers the customer-critical data and differentiators of B2B companies’ value propositions to drive increased share, more growth opportunities, and greater lifetime customer value. It all starts with understanding what customers value, which is the critical starting point for increased revenues. Render is an interactive tool that defines value propositions, structures customer feedback, generates internal insights on customer value creation, quantifies the value, and provides project management discipline and internal alignment on customer initiatives and priorities to deliver the value. Through Render deployment, Grease clients discover that their customers are better off doing business with them, better understand how to solve their challenges, and are better able to execute to create additional value. In our association with Valkre, Grease clients have access to software, methods, and support to enable them to create differential value and improve customer engagement.

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