A Solution for Customer Engagement
by on February 20th, 2015

We have been on the forefront of Customer Engagement for the past six years. During this time we have collaborated and built a system for improving Customer Engagement with some of the world’s leading companies. The purpose of this paper is to share our insights on:

The levers that drive Customer Engagement in B2B

  • Articulate value to customer
  • Understand customer challenges
  • Create new customer value

Challenges facing companies to build and scale a system:

  • Existing work is slow due to manual, disparate tools
  • Limited process skills and experience
  • Lack of collaboration, alignment and accountability

The six years of data that informs our insights…

  • 1000+ value propositions
  • 2500+ customer conversations
  • 5000+ growth initiatives

…That points to results

  • 20%+ Win Rate Improvement
  • 2x More Growth Opportunities
  • 20%+ Customer Share Gain

The system requirements we have found necessary and have built to achieve these results…

  • Proven methods
  • Scalable SaaS platform
  • Experts focused on customer engagement

…and the benefits of the system versus alternative approaches:

  • 50% Less Time
  • 50% Lower Fees
  • $ Millions of Cost Avoidance

Download this whitepaper: A Solution for Customer Engagement