Grease offers a range of services that lead to profitable sales growth.   We acknowledge a continuum from Strategy to Business Plans to Organization Effectiveness to Sales Execution. We infer the following causality:  Business Strategy + Business Execution PlanningOrganization Effectiveness + Sales Execution = Value Creation.  Where to start?  Grease starts with the a Grease® Value Creation Gearbox,  which identifies the four essential Value Creation gears that must mesh seamlessly to create value.  But what about friction among the gears?  Grease employs McKinsey & Company’s Organizational Health Index (OHI) tool to find out. This leads to a Grease® Friction Audit, which highlights how well your company’s four Value Creation gears are turning, and provides management practice remedies.  Organizations can only go as fast as the slowest gear.  If one gear is stuck, none of the gears move.  The Value Creation gear stops creating value.  Solution: grease the gears.