Execute and
Create Value


All organizations seek to create value. Value Creation requires flawless execution. Execution takes many forms. For Grease, execution requires effective business strategy, business planning execution, organization effectiveness, and sales execution. When companies execute well, friction is reduced, speed increases, organization effectiveness improves, and sales increase. Value is created.

But organizations stumble because of friction. Grease Consulting reveals and reduces the friction that creates drag and imperils Value Creation. Grease clients get there first. Decisions are fast, sales grow, profitability improves, execution is the norm, competitive advantage rules, and value is created.

Competitive advantage is all about winning with customers. It’s also about speed as manifested by swift decision-making. Efficient and effective decision-making is determined by organization effectiveness grounded on clear strategy and evidenced by well executed business and sales plans. Grease Consulting clients, both profit and nonprofit, create lasting value.

What is Value Creation? Grease broadly defines value creation as the increase of enterprise value resulting from improved execution along a continuum of four essential business disciplines: Business Strategy to Business Execution Planning to Organization Effectiveness to Sales Execution. Grease thinks of it as a gearbox of four interlocking gears meshing fluidly and accelerating to create value.

Value Creation is hard to come by, but when all four gears accelerate smoothly profitable sales increase. Incremental sales are the most reliable proxy for value creation. Grease ensures sales execution by starting with a Sales Pipeline, populated with screened customers, who are served by Differential Value Propositions (DVP) that are animated by Proposal Selling Through Storytelling (PSTS). Shortcut to Storyville™

What people are saying.

Gladstone engaged Grease to advise a number of our portfolio companies on how to enhance value creation and best practices of sales strategy and execution. Grease has advised several of our companies, most recently Alloy Die Casting…

Dave Dullum
President, Gladstone Investment Corporation

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Grease Consulting has brought significant value to every project on which they have worked. What I appreciate most, along with the quality of the work itself, is the well-organized, timely, and intelligent manner in which the work has been performed…

Howard M. Wall, Jr.
President, Portco Packaging Corporation

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